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With a cup of hot coffee I write this.
Head banging. No coffee. Time change and no one told my caffeine meter that keeps just the right amount of caffeine in my system that there would be jet lag and no coffee due to time change. Depleted … no caffeine … head banging …
Room service? Can you send some coffee and breakfast quick?
It’s mainly about the coffee.
When the door opened the nicest man said good morning. I asked him how he was this morning and he replied, blessed
What a good answer, I said (as I poured my coffee). I asked him what his favorite blessing was so far today and he laughed a hearty laugh… it made me laugh. He said, “Madame, there are too many blessings to pick just one! I am working here, there is running water, I meet people like you!”
He began to tell me … did you know that if you start your day with 30 minutes (no phone or anything) just to count your blessings, it will change your attitude?
I’m not going to lie … I panicked just a little bit thinking of the first 30 minutes of my day without my phone to “check in” (how pitiful).
He went on to talk about the Bible (he brought it up). He is from India and is Hindu but he said so many of the words are the same … love, blessing, faith, the list goes on.
He said he reads about all faiths. He said he tries to learn as much as he can from all countries and in his job, he meets many different people. (He said Warren Buffets is very nice by the way.)
He remembered me from last year and  it was a blessing that I came back.
My day has changed because of him. I am so thankful as the world seems upside down that there are people who are happy and filled with love.
Today I count my blessings and he is one of them!
Blessings to you today and always!
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